• we, the verv tribe, are honest people, who create honest food & use honest marketing. be honest & we’ll be forever friends.

  • we, the verv tribe, love and embrace diversity. each living creature on this earth is beautiful, no matter the social label that has been attached to them, who they love, vote or pray to.

  • we, the verv tribe, have clear priorities: we first take care of our team, who then takes care of our customers, who finally take care of our profit. we stand by that order!

  • we, the verv tribe, welcome and embrace only one type of politics: the power of merit. good things will come to good people.

  • we, the verv tribe, have no “I” in team. we work and laugh together; we help & respect each other; if one of us fucks up, we’ll all help them reverv shit & later laugh about it.

  • we, the verv tribe, always face reality, even if we don’t always like it. it is what it is. we choose to focus on how we can make it better, for us & for our guests.

  • we, the verv tribe, work our magic on food. we **listen **to what our guests like and want, then we enchant the recipe with magic-knowledge-dust. just like the fairies, but without the tutus.

  • we, the verv tribe, want to thrive. we focus on improving. yes, the 5 whys to find out the reason for what happened are important, but for us, it’s all about where we can go from there.

be part of the verv tribe to thrive !