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I'm Dana, the resident chef at verv kitchen.

after years of travelling around the world, I decided that I wanted to become my true self. to many, it came as a surprise, as I was living "the dream life".

I was living in Paris, working & travelling, discovering new places, new cultures, tasting new foods. I used to have these rich breakfasts while planning for the next lunch & dinner in who knows how many michelin stars restaurants. but I was not feeling well, neither physically nor emotionally, so I went to see many doctors, nutritionists & personal trainers. with time, I came to control my sugar addiction, I discovered my gluten intolerance, I worked with naturopaths, and I learned how to listen to my body. is made so that you can enjoy an experience that is both tasteful, refined & healthy.

  • a magical garden & a welcoming interior
  • vegan, gluten free, 0 added sugar
  • friendly people


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